Large scale abstract self-portraits
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Series I:


Deconstructed Histories

In Pastiche 1, works of protest and propaganda throughout the Twentieth Century are distorted into one collective body of movement. Images include photographs from the recent protests, Cultural Revolution Propaganda posters, Japanese works of protest, Nazi-era 'Degenerate Art,' and other pieces viewers can search for.  In Pastiche 2, history is reimagined as sound-waves with peaks and troughs that represent economic growth during the Twentieth century. Each "line" of dips and highs is associated with a different country. Together, the pieces dissect history through visual patterns, searching for some thread of coherence in a maelstrom of time.

Series II:



These life-sized paintings, 5ft by 5ft, are color plays designed to immerse colors in patterns of nature. The first painting is inspired by a field of poppies at dusk, and the second by dragonflies at sunrise.

Series III:



These large-scale paintings explore mark-making and the idea of repetition in a painting. How can textures and rhymes in paintings, different paint solutions or household items like salt and egg, change the consistency and expression of a brushstroke? The two paintings below practice styles of movement and texture.