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Child, I am a small animal in the godhead ravine, Wu, The Tupelo Quarterly

Images from the Clockback Badlands, The American Oxonian

American Deathbed, BOAAT Journal (Featured in Palette Poetry here)

Parable, The Kenyon Review

Pantoum, The Harvard Advocate


Time Without Sleep, Flash Fiction Finalist, Black Warrior Review 

Two fiction stories in Track//Four (Nominated for Best of the Net)

My research in economic history has been featured in The New York Times [1] [2] and The Boston Globe. My poetry, documentary photography, and paintings have been featured in the White House President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, the Kennedy Center, the Kenyon Review, BOAAT, and the Tupelo Quarterly.

Research and Contributor Profiles

Harvard Center for History and Economics

Harvard Meta-Lab

Harvard History Department

IMF: Impact of Covid-19 

Harvard Kennedy School, U.S. Census

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