I've always loved to paint and write. This page is just a place for me to put it together and to share it with anyone who wants to read some of it! Feel free to contact me at chencarissa@gmail.com – would love to talk to anybody!


Larry Bacow's Harvard Inauguration Celebration

Davidson 50K Fellowship 

Presentation at the National Museum of American Indian)
U.S. Census Board of Directors

Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Harvard Fed Challenge)

Hall of Nations at the Kennedy Center (She/Rose exhibition)

White House President’s Committee on the Arts (Art.Write.Now exhibition)

Pratt Manhattan Gallery

The Jewel Box

Shelia C. Johnson Design Center 

Rhode Island School of Design Museum  

HUBWeek Boston 

The Presidential Scholar in Poetry (2017

National Scholastic Portfolio Scholarship, presented at Carnegie Hall (2017)

Kenyon Review Patricia Grodd Prize

The Adroit Journal

Best of the Net Non-fiction Nomination