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I'm currently a Rhodes Scholar studying for the MPhil in Economics at Oxford. I graduated from Harvard in May 2021 with a degree in history and economics. I grew up in Tustin, California, and was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

My research in economic history has been featured in The New York Times [1] [2]The Boston Globe, The Boston Globe x The Emancipator. I helped create the world's longest letter for loneliness during the pandemic, featured in the Boston Globe and the MIT Technology Review. I co-authored economic research that build GDP trackers for the IMF at the IMF Working Paper Series.  

My poetry, documentary photography, and paintings have been featured in the White House President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, the Kennedy Center, the Kenyon Review, BOAAT, and the Tupelo Quarterly.


Twitter: @carissajiarong

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